Members are now registering for the Industry Training Program’s (ITP) Fall 2016 semester.  These photos show some of your fellow members learning new skills in the Training Program’s state-of-the-art classes.  Classes meet either once or twice a week and are conveniently scheduled to accommodate most work schedules.


Would you like to learn the job skills for positions in the Food & Beverage Department?  At ITP, you can train as a Tournant (line cook), an A la Carte Server, and/or a Banquet Server.


Maybe you’d like to qualify for a position in the Engineering Department.  ITP trains A/C & Refrigeration Mechanics, Boiler Mechanics, Electrical Mechanics, and Plumbing Mechanics.


Would you like to improve your computer skills and/or learn new ones?  We have a two level Computer Skills program.  Level 1 begins with basic operations, then continues with the functions and uses of the various Microsoft Office programs.  During the Level 2 course you will sharpen your MS Office foundation skills, and learn how to work with web-based applications.


If you’d like to learn more about the registration process or any of the courses offered through your training benefit, please contact the staff at the Training Center.  The ITP staff will be happy to explain the service to you. You can visit them at 43-47 37th Street in Long Island City, just around the corner from the Queens Health Center, or call them at (718) 361-5100, extension 3600. Remember, the Training Center is just a few minutes away from midtown Manhattan on the #7 train!


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